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Maritime Cargo Processing plc (MCP) was formed in 1985 principally to manage and market the FCP80 application implemented in 1984.  During its history MCP grew FCP80 (latterly known as FCPS) to be the preeminent UK port community system and then successfully replaced FCPS with a browser based application called Destin8 in 2007.

Late 1981 The trade sectors within the Port of Felixstowe established a working party in late 1981 to investigate the possibility of developing a computerised system which would integrate shipping lines/ships agents, freight forwarders/customs brokers, trucking/railroad companies and the Customs authorities and in doing so eliminate unnecessary duplication in time, effort and documentation.  The project was known as Felixstowe Cargo Processing into the Eighties (FCP80).

January 1984 FCP80 Phase 1 was successfully implemented at Felixstowe.

Late 1984 FCP80 Phase 2 (inventory control) was implemented at Felixstowe making the application a complete Port Community System.

Late 1984 ISL messaging introduced.

June 1985 Maritime Cargo Processing Ltd founded and the port of Harwich joins the FCP80 community.

November 1985 MCP becomes a plc.

During 1986 the port of Ipswich, Great Yarmouth and the Medway Ports join the FCP80 community.

During 1987 and early 1988 the ports of Newport, UPS (Southend/East Midlands Airport) and Teesport join the FCP80 community.

1990 the FCP80 community become known as FCPS and the ports of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Grangemouth and Leith join the community. In addition, the newly established Thamesport begins operation with FCPS as its choice of port community system.

Early 1997 EDIFACT messaging introduced and the port of Liverpool join the FCPS community.

During 2001 the ports of Tyne and Blyth join the FCPS community.

Late 2002 Project established to redevelop FCPS as a browser-based application using Java and Weblogic technologies on a Windows and SQL server database platform. The project was named Watershed and the application Destin8.

Early 2004 the ports of Tilbury, Bristol, Hull and Immingham join the FCPS community.

Early 2006 Destin8 user test environment made available for customer familiarisation.

May 2007 Destin8 successfully implemented.