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One of the primary aims of the Destin8 Port Community System is to facilitate the re-use of data from a single submission, in particular in order to satisfy the requirements of UK legislation, EU Directives and other Governmental regulations. A brief summary of the participation and role of MCP plc in the B2MoS project is available to download from here.

The B2MoS Action is an innovative study that takes the form of pilots principally aimed at preparing and adapting the systems of the business community and port authorities to the requirements of Directive 2010/65/EU, providing interoperable electronic documents and messages intending to boost the efficiency of door-to-door MoS supply chains, facilitating intra-Community trade and increasing European territorial cohesion.

During the B2MoS project some 22 Destin8 changes were developed and implemented as prototypes piloting IT solutions that could remove barriers, improve the exchange of information between public and private organisations and promote operational cooperation to facilitate trade and increase efficiency as defined in the activities of the B2MoS TEN-T Action. With effect from the 1 January 2016, these changes have all been integrated as permanent functions within the Destin8 Port Community System.

Further information on B2MoS is available on the project website -www.b2mos.eu