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Destin8 and Container Gross Mass Verification - Overview

In order to ensure a compliant and consistent approach for terminal operators and shipping lines using the Destin8 Port Community System, MCP have modified  a number of Web UI export transactions and associated Destin8 Inter System Link (ISL) and EDIFACT messages to facilitate the legislative changes coming into force on 1 July 2016. 

Based on IMO SOLAS VI Regulation 2 and guidelines issued by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the SMDG and after extensive consultation with terminal operators, the following is a summary of the scope and method adopted as part of this process. 

Scope – provide functionality and messaging to facilitate the processing and exchange of VGM information and associated operational requirements between terminal operators, shipping lines, declarants, forwarders and shippers/exporters. To limit the impact on our respective systems, changes have been kept to a minimum and where possible used existing messages, modified as necessary to accept VGM data. 

Destin8 Export Functionality – Web online transactions for Export Bookings and Amendments (EBK/EBM), Verified Gross Mass (VGM) and Export Ingate (EIN) have been updated to include input fields for the following data: 

VGM: Verified Gross Mass, SM1/SM2: SOLAS Method of ascertaining the VGM, SPC: Solas Packed Container Responsible Party, AM: Authorised Person, VOR: Terminal Verification Order, 999: Terminal VGM Declaration, VGR: VGM Verification Reference, 798: Date/time of Terminal Verification, BN: VGM Certification Contact. 

Essentially these changes have enabled export bookings to be made with or without a Verified Gross Mass.  If the shipping line requires the terminal operator to either provide or verify a VGM, the terminal can return the update through the terminal ingate messages (EDIFACT/ISL/Text) to the requesting party. New, optional, Text and ISL outputs for VGM Discrepancy Notification and the Terminal Weighing Notification message (VERMAS) have also been made available. 

Similarly, data elements have been added to the end of all associated inbound and outbound ISL messages. The EDIFACT messages – COPARN D95B, CODECO D95B and COARRI D95B – have also been updated in accordance with the proposed SMDG Version 1.6-1 amendments. Inbound and Outbound versions of the SMDG VERMAS EDIFACT message have also been added.

Timescales – with the exception of VERMAS processing, VGM changes are now available for external testing on the Destin8 UAT test system. Full implementation took place on 9 June 2016 (Destin8 Release 4.15) to allow for shipments reaching the port of destination on or after the 1 July 2016. 

Reference Documentation and Sites:

All Destin8 EDIFACT Message Implementation Guides, ISL specifications and other related VGM documentation are available to download from here. However,  these documents are available to Destin8 subscribers only and you will need a valid Destin8 user id and password to access the site.

External Sites – MCA Marine Guidance Note (MGN 534), SMDG (EDIFACT Messages) and World Shipping Organisation (Useful FAQ).