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Messaging support

Destin8 supports two types of messaging interface:

  1. Industry standard EDIFACT messages.
  2. Inter System Link (ISL) messages.

We receive or send the following types of EDIFACT messages

  • APERAK - Application Error and Acknowledgement message.
  • COARRI - Container discharge/loading report message.
  • CODECO - Container gate-in/gate-out report message.
  • COPARN - Container announcement message.
  • COPRAR - Container discharge/loading order message.
  • COREOR - Container release order message.
  • CUSCAR - Customs cargo report message.
  • CUSDEC - Customs declaration message.
  • CUSRES - Customs response message.
  • GESMES - Generic statistical message.
  • IFTDGN - Dangerous goods notification message.
  • VERMAS - SOLAS Verified Gross Mass message.

All of the above messages can be received by or delivered from Destin8 by way of Internet SMTP or Internet FTP or sFTP (push/push) only. For additional security there is an option to configure the standard FTP connection over VPN.

ISL messages cover a wide variety of transactions not currently available through industry standard EDIFACT messages. The Destin8 Visual ISL software handles both the inward and outward sessions required to interface to Destin8 via ISL messages. The sessions are interactive and can be manually or automatically driven. Interface files can be collected from and delivered to directories on a network shared drive.