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Destin8 FAQs

Please find below the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  If your question does not appear here, you can email the helpdesk at: help@destin8.co.uk or call us on 01394 600205, Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm.



FAQ:  I am trying to log in to Destin8 but it says my account is already in use by a colleague.

Answer:  Tick the box that says 'Logout current session:' and re-enter your password to log back in.



FAQ: Why can't I request a VGM on this container?  The weight has already been put in there.

Answer: Although you have until 24 hours before vessel arrival to enter a VGM, the port needs any VGM instructions before the container arrives on quay. 

If a 3rd party would like to request a terminal weigh, they should enter their company code as the Charging Party along with their P.O. Number, and tick the 'Terminal Weigh' box.  This needs to be done prior to the container's arrival at the port, otherwise the terminal may automatically weigh the container and default the charges to the shipping line.


FAQ: I know we will have a 3rd party VGM but I don’t know what it is yet, what should I do?

Answer: You need to enter your company code as the Charging Party and a P.O. Number (do not tick the 'Terminal Weigh' box) before the container arrives on quay to avoid the port from weighing the container upon ingate. You then have until 24 hours before vessel arrival to submit the VGM information. 


FAQ: My container has arrived at the terminal and there is no VGM but I can’t become the charge party, it is showing as the shipping line. 

Answer: You will need to request the shipping line change the charge party to your company code if they are willing to do so.

Contact: The shipping line.


FAQ: I am trying to request a VGM, but I am getting the error 'Invalid Unit ID' or 'Unknown Booking Reference'.

Answer: Either the information you are entering is incorrect or the shipping line have not yet created this booking in Destin8.

Contact: The shipping line.


FAQ:  Why hasn't my container been weighed yet?

Answer:  If you have requested a terminal VGM, and the container has been ingated, but the VGM has not yet been updated on your booking, you will need to contact the terminal directly for further information.

Contact: The relevant port.



FAQ:  My entry is clear, but I don't have a release note - it says 'No - Holds Exist'.

Answer:  Your customs entry is clear, however a release note has not been generated for your consignment because it has been put on hold.  Scroll down to the Hold detail section of INQ to see what type of hold this is on, and then contact the appropriate government body.

Contact:  The government body which has placed the hold.


FAQ:  The vessel has arrived but my entry is still showing as 'pre-lodged'.

Answer:  Sometimes a vessel arrival fails to arrive an entry.  If this occurs you can manually arrive your entry directly in CHIEF, by using transaction code ANGA and changing the Arrival Indicator from 'N' to 'Y'.


FAQ: My entry is clear, but I don't have a release note - why?

Answer: Your entry has cleared however it is part of a groupage container. There is another groupage split that has not yet been cleared.

Contact: The shipping line - It could be this has not yet been claimed by another nominated agent; however if you are certain this was an FCL container, you will need to request the shipping line to confirm this groupage split is correct - It could need deleting.



FAQ:  I can’t pre-exec my box. Destin8 says “60319 – Unit already recorded for export Wharfinger”

Answer:  As Destin8 says, this Port already has an export record for this Unit ID.  This is usually because an Empty record still exists on the terminal in a stock UVI.  Check transaction TRX, this will display any valid records for this Unit ID, check the cargo broker for the export records and if this has not yet arrived on quay the relevant cargo broker can simply perform EBD to delete this record.  If the container is showing as on quay, either wait until this has outgated to exec the box, or contact the relevant shipping line to ECT this over to your given details.

Contact:  Shipping Line

Posted on Thursday 01 September 2016