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(Ro-Ro) CHIEF changes

Photo of (Ro-Ro) CHIEF changes

CHIEF changes for Import and Export declarations at Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro) locations

HMRC have provided documentation detailing some of the CHIEF changes required for RoRo declarations in the event of the UK leaving the EU without a deal in January 2020.


At listed roll on roll off (Ro-Ro) ports where goods come in from the EU, importers (who are not using Transitional Simplified Procedures for standard goods, or transit) will be required to pre-lodge CHIEF customs declarations by the time the goods are boarding at the EU port (so are taken on-board a ferry or, in the case of the Eurotunnel, entering the tunnel system). This is a new requirement. The attached document details the specific additional data which is required to complete a Ro-Ro declaration.


For exports through Ro-Ro locations, exporters need to submit a combined Export/Safety and Security declaration, and get Permission to Progress (P2P) before arriving at Eurotunnel or the port. If Permission to Progress is not granted then further instructions will be issued by HMRC, which could include requiring the goods to be presented at a Designated Export Place or authorised premises, or for documents to be provided. New functionality has been introduced to CHIEF that will require Ro-Ro export declarations to be declared as goods on hand / arrived, please refer to the attached document for details.

A confirmed list of CHIEF Freight locations, including Ro-Ro locations is available on Gov.uk

Any existing Destin8 badge can be used to submit Import or Export Ro-Ro declarations for Non-inventory linked locations, alternatively we have made available a generic badge which can be used at any Non-inventory location for the submission of imports and export declarations, see here for details

Posted on Thursday 17 October 2019