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Status Changes for the End of Transition Period

Photo of Status Changes for the End of Transition Period

Please see the attached document which outlines some changes in Destin8 which will come into effect on 1 Jan 2021. The changes have now been approved by HMRC, to assist with the flow of trade through Destin8 Ports. 
Included are changes to some of the Import and Export status Codes, a description of the procedure for Staged Customs Control, and the HMRC agreed process for Transit (for both Office of Transit and Office of Destination).

The communication has gone out to all carriers, however we felt it pertinent to advise you also, as you may see an increase in the number of hold/release (LHC) messages especially in relation to the transit procedures. This process does however ensure that you can rely on the RRA01 message to be the final state and that all transit formalities have been completed.

If you require any further information then you can either e-mail me or help@destin8.co.uk

Posted on Tuesday 22 December 2020