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Destin8 has eight areas of functionality


The exports module begins with the pre-notification of anticipated export consignments, which can be generated by the shipping line directly from their in house system as and when bookings are made. Functions are provided to allow instructions relating to each activity to get carried out and each stage in the export process is monitored and recorded. Reports are passed to the necessary locations and offices immediately an event takes place, including changes to status and operational activities. When loading of the vessel has been completed, details of consignments loaded (and those which were not, for whatever reason) are passed back to the shipping line, where their in-house systems can be updated automatically.


The Destin8 imports module starts with the initial receipt of manifest data from the shipping line, generated direct from their own computer system. The system makes the necessary checks and extracts and delivers relevant details to, for example, the terminal operator and regulatory bodies. All information is also stored on the central system so that, as each activity takes place, up to and including the issuing of delivery instructions and the physical delivery of goods from the port, the relevant parties are notified accordingly. Additionally, functions are provided to allow instructions relating to those activities, such as the nomination of clearing agents and road hauliers, to be passed via Destin8, electronically.


The consolidation of cargo for container stuffing purposes, either outside or within the port area, is catered for by Destin8. This can relate to export cargo or import cargo which has been delivered to sheds to be unstuffed and re-stuffed. A suite of functions is available to ensure that all activities relating to these, often complex, operations are controlled and co-ordinated.


The ability to handle transhipment cargo efficiently is essential for ports seeking to attract or retain the larger shipping lines. Destin8 contains a module which bridges the import and export systems and provides the port with the ability to control transhipment moves using a single set of information. Information concerning intended transhipments can be given electronically by the shipping line well in advance, at the time of manifesting if required, allowing the port more time to plan for the internal moves. Regulatory formalities, where they exist, can be dealt with before the carrying vessels arrive and without paper, so that there are no inherent delays. Activity and status reports are generated to those responsible for both the inward and outward movements, again electronically and direct to the in-house systems, if required.


Full warehouse and container freight station (or inland clearance depot) facilities are provided through Destin8. The same electronic routines for the control of imports, exports and consolidations at the port are also made available at these locations. In addition, details relating to containers moving from Destin8 ports to warehouses or CFSs are passed automatically and electronically from one to the other. Immediately an intention to move goods from the port to the 'depot' is made, an inventory is created at the inland location thus allowing the necessary planning to be performed and any necessary regulatory formalities to be carried out in advance.

Government declarations

Declarations relating to every area of regulatory control can be handled through Destin8, given the co-operation of the relevant authorities. Throughout the feasibility and implementation stages, the company liaises closely with such bodies and can either provide direct services through Destin8 itself, or interface to existing systems where they exist. In addition, where in-house systems are in the planning stage, the company will ensure that provision for direct interface is made. One of the principle advantages for the regulatory authorities is that only one interface is required - with Destin8 the system itself acts as a gateway for all those needing to communicate with them. Similarly, any information which the regulatory authorities pass out to the trade can simply be sent to Destin8, which will identify the individual for whom the message is intended and despatch it to them.

Dangerous goods

The reporting and control of the movement of dangerous goods is a very important activity for ports and their customers. Destin8 provides a complete suite of functions for ensuring that data relating to such cargo is readily available to those who require it. The use of message transfer also extends to the dangerous goods area and the system can be used as the mechanism by which information is exchanged between ports as well as within a port. The system covers imports, exports and cargo remaining on board.


Destin8 provides much more than just a means of exchanging information between trading partners. The system has been designed to add value to the data it receives, to apply intelligence to that information, and to distribute it to those areas where it is needed - immediately and directly to the in-house systems of those who require it. This allows those who use the system, and those with whom they conduct business, to reap the full benefits of electronic commerce by completing the links in the trading chain.