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Destin8 has eight user groups

Shipping lines

Cargo, whether containerised, ro-ro or general cargo, is ready to be loaded and unloaded more quickly. Turn-round times are reduced and tighter schedules can be maintained. Communication up and down the transport chain is improved with real time status changes being made available through Destin8, thus improving customer service.


Reduced paperwork and faster information flow between importers and their clearing/forwarding agents. Goods arriving in the country can be released through Customs rapidly and allow just in time philosophy to be put into practice. This leads to a reduction in inventory (saving costs) and helps the importer attract new customers by offering shorter lead times.


Reduced paperwork and faster information flow between exports and their clearing/forwarding agents. Goods leaving the country can be cleared more quickly and shipped without delay. This rapid flow of goods helps the exporter deliver on time and, therefore, maintain current and attract new business.

Clearing/forwarding agents

Links into the Customs computer via Destin8 speeds up the process of clearing both imports and exports. This means all goods can be released for export or for delivery to the importer much more quickly. Re-keying of information and, therefore, production of errors, is largely eliminated.

Terminal operators

Advance notice of cargo arriving at the port, both imports and exports, enables internal planning of yards and resources to be carried out more efficiently and to suit the turn-round of the vessels. The interconnection between their own systems and the community system facilitates the exchange of information and reduces double keying and, therefore, errors. Faster throughput of cargo allows the port to increase its volumes without necessarily increasing plant, machinery, labour and land.

Port authorities

Destin8 provides information essential to the effective operation of administrative port authorities. Up-to-the minute statistical data is made available and interfaces between the authority and other sectors of the port community, through Destin8, enable environmental controls, such as those relating to the movement of dangerous materials, to be carried out efficiently and without delays to the movement of goods.

Hauliers - road and rails

The system enables hauliers to ensure that cargo is available for collection before they allocate resources. The system can be entirely paperless, with hauliers issuing personal identification numbers (PINs) to notify the port which driver/truck will be coming to pick up individual consignments/containers. This increases cargo security, as well as giving the haulier more flexibility in scheduling, and the opportunity for back loads is increased. This means that trucks spend less time waiting for cargo or leaving the port empty and, therefore, increases their productivity.

Government departments

The availability of information in advance allows Customs and other Government departments, such as quarantine or port health, to operate their control and clearance procedures efficiently and within the tight financial constraints with which they are often faced. The system allows the principle of trade facilitation within an environment of effective controls to be achieved. Destin8 also assists the Government in the collection of trade statistics.